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Matthias ‘Pedals’ Loescher: new Album in 2021

Matthias ‘Pedals’ Loescher: new Album in 2021

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27. February 2019

"Songs of Life" - Release in 2019

Matthias ‘Pedals’ Loescher‘s new Project “Songs of Life” will be released on 4X6 Records later in 2021.

Both as a composer and guitarist, Matthias Loescher has a reputation of moving far beyond stylistic restrictions. Loescher’s premise is good music – genre and style are of secondary importance in that regard.

“Songs of Life” marks a turning point in Loescher’s career. While he has been exploiting the benefits of contemporary studio productions in his releases,  this project reaches back to pure music documentation without any additional production or edits in a studio setting. “Songs of Life” documents real time moments without alteration.

Watch a Preview here: