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Stephan Kondert – SK×ANGELITE
4X6 Records, 2020


Stephan Kondert creates a new sound in world music fusing his musical influences with the sounds of the renown choir “Bulgarian Voices – Angelite”.
Stephan Kondert (SK), known from his project SK Invitational and THE RUFF PACK, lets the music of the world renown choir, “Bulgarian Voices – Angelite”,  shine in a different light. The SK X ANGELITE album will be released in April 2020 and features a collaboration of NYC’s and Austria’s finest musicians including Mino Cinélu, Ray Angry, Anwar Marshall, Lee Hogans, Matt Pedals Loescher, Christoph Mallinger, Dj Chrisfader, Pastor Travis T. Haynes, John Robinson and the ‘The Bulgarian Voices – ANGELITE’. The highly anticipated music from SK’ s release is a deep journey into the different worlds of bulgarian folk songs, jazz and hiphop and will bring those very different worlds of music together as one.